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The human body can only burn so much fat before it will start burning muscle. It is almost unavoidable. Enter Winalean a proprietary blend of fat incinerating compounds along with a muscle builder dosed to assist the user in maintaining solid muscle mass while stripping the fat clean off.

 Winalean is powered by 3,5-Diiodo-L-thyronine, otherwise known as T2 a thyroid hormone.  The thyroid is the thermostat of the body, and regulates the speed of all metabolic processes in almost every cell in your body. It also helps regulate how the calories in the food you eat are used – either for energy, or stored as fat.   T2 s an important thyroid hormone to have if you’re trying to lose weight.

 T2 functions very similar to T3, but unlike T3 it does not burn muscle while it is burning fat. T2 also converts slow-twitch fibers to fast-twitch fibers, allowing “endurance” fibers to convert to “strength” fibers. This means it helps make your ability to get stronger permanent while still fat burning increases.

 Winalean also features 4′-methoxy-5,7-dihydroxyflavone, an O-methylated flavone that exhibits anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, neuroprotective, and anti-aromatase properties. It is a naturally occurring plant metabolite which can be found in Robinia pseudoacacia, Turnera diffusa, Betula pendula, and Asplenium normale. It is an excellent addition to most test support products or can be a powerful stand-alone to help fight off aromatase





Winalean is designed strong enough for men to see unreal results and for women who want to put on a few pounds of lean, dry muscle mass.






  • Helps Burn fat

  • Helps grow  strength and size fibers

  • Helps decrease intramuscular fat

  • Helps decreases visceral fat

  • Helps Increase metabolism

  • Helps Increase energy


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