Sweat Ethic WHEY’D MEAL




WHEY’D Meal is a fully transparent whole food meal replacement that is designed to fuel your body with real food and proper nutrition. Each serving contains precise ratios of healthy fats, complex & simple carbohydrates, and a multiphase release protein matrix.

Many meal replacements utilize a single form of carbohydrates which can spike insulin response leaving you feeling lethargic 30 minutes later. We utilize both simple and complex carbohydrates which provide you with sustained energy and is easy on the digestive system!

For protein sources we utilize a multiphase release protein system. Starting with Whey Protein Concentrate and Isolate which are extremely fast digesting, Brownie Rice Protein which digests in a 2 hour period, and Micellar Casein which digests over a 2 to 4 hour period. This results in better nutrient delivery to your muscles and keeps you full for hours!

How is WHEY’D MEAL so creamy? We feature a high ratio of key healthy fats, such as Sunflower and Coconut Oil, which are great for prolonged energy and provide smooth rich texture.

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