Hardcore Platinum RIPPED



Ripped is a natural muscle builder brought to you by Hardcore Platinum. Ripped is mainly composed of epicatechin to help with the muscle-building process. This natural muscle builder is also made to help with fat loss through the work of non-stimulating fat burners.

Muscle building complex- Ripped is compromised of two main muscle building ingredients Epicatechin and DHEA. The main purpose of epicatechin is to bring down stress levels in the muscles and cortisol levels. With that being done, myostatin levels tend to rise and help the body increase in the muscle-building process. DHEA on the other hand helps with raising the levels of testosterone which help with tissues growth as well as bone density

Fat loss complex- Ripped is made up of not up to my muscle builders, but also fat loss ingredients that help boost your metabolism. From dandelion root to help with excess water retention, to Capsimax and Biopriene that create thermogenesis in the system to help boost metabolism and bring appetite levels down.